New York Chinese FreeMasons Athletic Club


The New York Chinese FreeMasons Athletic Club (CFMAC), Hung Ching, exists to educate our youths about Chinese heritage through the culture of lion dance, martial arts and athletics. CFMAC strives to cultivate teamwork and instill leadership in each of our members.

Who We Are

The New York Chinese Freemasons Athletic Club (CFMAC), Hung Ching, is a not-for-profit organization (501C3) that has been a staple in the Chinatown community since 1956. Members of the Chinese Freemasons saw a need to create a recreational center for the youth of Chinatown to congregate, learn and eventually pass on our traditional heritage. They felt that if a place was provided for them, it would be a great alternative to the streets or homes where there is little or no adult supervision. Thus they founded a youth club which has now developed into the NY CFMAC.

Our club offers programs that help develop character, confidence, leadership, health, talent and physical fitness. Such programs include martial arts, lion dance and fitness training classes. All members are required to take these classes, so that each member is instilled with the same training. This training will eventually help them in other parts of their lives and careers. We also stress the need for our youth to stay in school and finish their education, so that they may become a productive and valuable member of our society.

Our martial arts and Lion Dance program provide our members the opportunity to become healthy and stronger individuals. This is very important in this day and age where obesity, drugs, disease, other unhealthy habits and health problems are common place. Members are also encouraged to volunteer for community events. We feel that this is a great way to give back to the community and also to instill a sense of pride, usefulness, belonging and caring for young members.

Providing a service to the community gives the next generation a chance to learn the diverse history and traditions of its many citizens, often of different ethnicity. This is who we are, a positive place for the youth of the Chinese community to learn and continue their heritage while developing life skills which will stay with them as they go through life.