Media on CFMAC.

Great Big Story on Lion Dance 

Bare Feet® with Mickela Mallozzi

Chasing News visits CFMAC.

Notorious MSG - Wonton Violence Music Video made at CFMAC

2008 New York City / Chinatown, Chinese Free Mason Athletic Club (CFMAC) demonstrates in front of FREEMASON on 22 Mott st. Lead By Sifu JAMES CAMA...(jook lum southern praying mantis)
New York Chinese Freemason Athletic Club's 53rd Anniversary. Traditional Southern Lion Dance Performed on 11/22/09

Lion Dance Performance - MSG - NY Knicks vs Houston Rocket

Chinese Freemason Athletic Club brings lion dancing to Times Square with LunarNYC.

NYC Chinatown Chinese Freemasons Hung Ching @ Kowloon Cafe March 5 2017 Lion Dance